Rosso Piceno DOP

Wine obtained from the harmonious blending of two primary indigenous red varieties of Marcheshire, Montepulciano (80%) and Sangiovese (20%). In some vintages Sangiovese can be replaced by the Merlot grapes.

Production tecniques
Cluster thinning in mid-August for a maximum production of 90kg per hectares. Manual harvesting in plastic crates.
Destemming and fermentation at controlled temperature. Maceration of skins for at least 15 days, and then a natural malolactic fermentation.
Ages for 12/18 months in Rovere barrels (already used once) and then in bottle for another 6 months.

Vibrant ruby red, with garnet reflections, that become orange reflections over time.

Aromatic notes
Pleasant aroma of sweet red fruits like cherry and strawberry. Spicy notes of vanilia and pepper.

Tasting notes
Lively, full-bodied, smooth and rounded wine. It gives immediately a smooth lingering sensation, a mouthfilling and non aggressive wine.
It leaves the palate clean and heads into a long and persistent finish that recall to the taste of tannin, typical characteristic of Montepulciano wine.
The aging in wood gives a particular complexity

Food pairing
This wine is very versatile, is perfect with red meat dishes as pig, lamb and rabbit. Structured or not. We suggest: cotechino with lentils or straccetti with rucola.
Pasta dishes with red sauces or pizza as well. We suggest: tagliatelle with meat sauce.
All the kind of bolied dishes or fried as wall. Suggested: olive all'ascolana.

The name of the wine derives from the woods of Cugnolo, close to the beautiful village of Torre di Palme. Trough a route inside the woods is possible to arrive at the "Lover's cave", the refuge of the modern Romeo and Giulietta. To know more about the story: Bosco del Cugnolo, Torre di Palme (Marche)